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Unlike all the other photo editing or enhancing businesses, I do not charge an hourly fee or extra depending on difficulty of repairing damaged photos or for enhancements. I can take pictures for you with a digital camera for a flat fee of $10.00. With Perfect Angels you will always have a "One of a Kind" custom enhancement or creative image.

Prices listed are for each image with change in: background replacement, restoration, add on's or any other type of photo work.

Prices for professional businesses will be charged on separate negotiated contracts.

My Fee is: $30.00 which includes: editing, repairs, enhancing or artistry and 2 printed sheets up to an 8x10.
Additional sheets: $5.00 each, up to an 8x10 (see sizes below) 11x14's are $10.00 each.

Refrigerator magnets, cotton canvas, and stickers: 8½x11 only can be purchased as additional sheets. Canvas should be used for 8x10s only. Canvas, Magnet, and sticker papers are sold in full sheets only.

One sheet can consist of:

Quantity   1   11x14
Quantity   1    8x10
Quantity   2    5x7
Quantity   3    4x6
Quantity   4    3x5
Quantity   9    Wallets

Odd sizes available up to an 11x14. Number of prints per sheet will be depending on sizes.

Payments: Please make money orders payable to: Lori Ditlefsen. Send to:13842 SE 192 St. Renton, WA 98058 or pay through PayPal. Payment is due upon completion of work. Once payment is received, all sales are final. Additional prints can be ordered upon request at the usual additional fee listed in Price Sheet for up to 30 days, ( please refer to the Policy Statement for further information).

Local Work: You are welcome to bring and pick up your photos at your convenience.

Shipping and Handling: There will be a flat $10.00 fee. All your original photographs will be returned with your order. (see Policy Statement for additional information)

Sales Tax: Washington State sales tax will be added to orders from Washington State residents.

Finished pictures can be sent to you via e-mail, BUT the quality of the photo may be greatly reduced when printing from home, and there is a flat $30.00 fee for each enhanced image. Note: Not all ISPs or Email Services will allow large file sizes.

The finished pictures can also be sent to you on a CD. The cost of the CD will be dependent on the number of differently enhanced images. Also prints larger than 11x14 can be put onto a CD which you will then need to have printed for you.

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