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With Perfect Angels customer satisfaction is everything. I will work on your photograph until it is the way you want it. There will be no charge if I attempt something and it just won't turn out right. Unfinished samples of your order can be sent through e-mail for your approval prior to detailing or actual print. This gives us a chance to discuss and make changes if necessary.

Payments will be made to me on completion of work. Money orders made payable to: Lori Ditlefsen or PayPal. Once payment is received, all sales are final. Additional prints can be ordered, for up to 30 days. Refer to the price sheet for prices.

I can receive high resolution digital images via email, DVD or CD. I prefer to do all scanning of printed photographs myself since I use a high resolution scanner and can use the original to match color and detail.

All original photographs, sent to me for enhancement, will be returned to you upon completion of my work and will be included in your package order. Should an original picture be lost or damaged, Perfect Angels will replace it with a copy that has been previously scanned in un-enhanced at no charge. Perfect Angels is not responsible for pictures that are damaged or lost in the mail.

I will print all images up to an 11x14. Anything larger will need to be sent out and all charges from vender apply. I currently use Professional Premium Luster photo and Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Professional papers. I also have matte, semi gloss, high gloss, sticker, magnet, and canvas papers. (refer to price sheet)

All work done by Perfect Angels is copyright protected. You may not use/modify my work for contests, financial gain, or for promotional purposes, without written request and my return acknowledgment. There will be a percentage fee for photos that give you permission to use for financial gain. I may choose to use one of my customer's enhanced photographs for published sample use only; I will contact that customer for written permission to do so.

Perfect Angels will keep all pictures, for every customer, on a CD for future additional copies requested by you. The CDs will be kept for no longer than 30 days after initial purchase. Customers can purchase their CD, (price on individual basis). All paper records will be kept on file.

I will not work on any previously copyrighted photographs or use copyrighted characters in my work without prior permission obtained in writing by you. You must provide this to me before I begin work. I cannot use pictures or backgrounds that belong to another company or person without their permission. (Example: I cannot slip Pooh Bear or Mickey Mouse into the picture.) I cannot use a professionally taken photo that you have previously purchased from a professional photo studio.

All work done for a professional business will be written on a separate negotiated contracted. All terms of the contract will be agreed upon and followed by both parties with signatures of agreement kept on file. Prices listed on price sheet do not apply to professional businesses. Prices for business use will be included in the written contract.

Every attempt will be made to satisfy a customer however, Perfect Angels has the right to refuse any job it feels is disturbing, pornographic or morbid in nature. Perfect Angels will not sell or provide your personal information to any other businesses for any reason. I would appreciate the same courtesy from you.

Thank You!

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